Do you have a picky eater in the house? Looking for activities to keep your kids busy? Combine eating and an activity to teach the kids healthy habits. This oatmeal sundae toddler activity is easy to set up, and the mess is relatively easy to clean up–just a few extra dishes. 

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends that food be playful and interesting in order to convince picky eaters to enjoy healthy foods. Making an oatmeal sundae ensures that the kids get their fiber, fruit, fat, protein, and with much less sugar than a traditional ice cream sundae.

The best part: you can customize these to use whatever foods your kids will already eat or introduce new ones. 

My little ones love making their food “magical.” By allowing them to join me in the kitchen and customize their own food, they truly enjoy eating it. They also begin to develop a healthy relationship with food. 

An Oatmeal Sundae is a great alternative to an ice cream sundae. Oatmeal provides fiber and protein which helps regulate blood sugar and give your child the energy they need to play and learn. Steel cut oats offer the most fiber and a great texture. For creamier oatmeal, use Old Fashioned Oats. 

Below are some recommended topping ingredients. Each provides nutrients essential for healthy eating. To get the kids involved, find an assortment of different sized and shaped containers to put each ingredient. Let the kids add their ingredients themselves. They will love to get involved in making their own food. It also gives your kids a chance to learn what each ingredient is and explore different flavors and textures. 


Recommended Ingredients For The Oatmeal Sundae Toddler Activity 



The most nutrient dense berries with high amounts of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. Also a great source of antioxidants. 


These berries provide large amounts of fiber, vitamin C, Manganese, Folate, and Potassium


Great source of fiber and vitamin C! 

Pomegranate Seeds

These are a champion health ingredient! Pomegranate seeds  have 7grams fiber and 3 grams protein in one cup! They are also high in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, and Potassium. Not only are they rich in nutrients, they contain Punicalagins and Punicic Acid which act as powerful antioxidants. They have strong anti-inflammatory effects. 



A good source of fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin B-6, Potassium, Manganese, and Vitamin C.  Their sweet flavor is a great addition to an oatmeal sundae!


Not the most vitamin and mineral-rich fruit, apples are high in fiber, Vitamin C, and potassium


Even though these are rich in sugars, raisins are a good source of iron and calcium. 

Greek Yogurt

A great source of protein! And if you need help getting extra calories into your little one, buy the full fat version for a delicious, creamy treat even picky eaters will love! My favorite is Fage Total. It has no added sugar and is so creamy I can’t even tell it’s yogurt. Greek yogurt naturally provides probiotics to support healthy digestion! 


Full of Omega 3 fats! Scientists have found that although walnuts are high in fat, the Omega 3 fats are much healthier and reduce the risk of obesity when replacing unhealthy fats such as those found in animal products. The Omega 3s and other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals have been found to be beneficial for heart and brain health. 


Another source of healthy fats! Almonds are also high in nutrients, antioxidants, and Vitamin E. They are known for helping regulate blood sugar. 


These are a favorite for deserts because of their rich flavor! They are a good source of  fiber, copper, thiamine, and zinc.

Peanut Butter

Thin your peanut butter down with a little water and you have a rich, creamy sauce filled with healthy plant-based fats and iron. 

Chocolate Chips

While people say chocolate has health benefits, I think the best reason to add these to the oatmeal sundae is to make it irresistible!

Chia Seeds

Another power house of nutrition! They are considered to be one the most nutritious foods per calorie on Earth. Chia seeds provide a high amount of fiber, protein, fat, and nutrients. They are a great way to add iron and fiber to any meal. To see just how many benefits they have, read this

Flax Seeds

These seeds provide Omega 3s, protein, and fiber. Their nutty flavor provides a great flavor for oatmeal sundaes!

Unsweetened Flaked Coconut

Great for added texture and varied flavor. Coconut flakes provide support for red blood cell production with their Copper and Iron. 

Toddler Oatmeal Sundae

Congratulations! You now have everything you need to make a delicious oatmeal sundae! My toddlers loved this oatmeal sundae activity so much I could hardly take pictures without them eating everything. Please share your experience in the comments section! 

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