Are you trapped at home but want to make sure your child has stimulation that isn’t more TV time? These printable lion toddler puzzle crafts can help. For more toddler crafts, click here. 

There are 8 colors including a white one so your children can color their own. Print them out, cut the pieces, and laminate if you want the kids to be able to use the puzzle over and over. They can match the colors or mix and match.

Or, get out the glue and paste the lions together for a simple craft.

How Puzzles Help Toddler Development

Puzzles are an important aspect of children’s learning. They help children in at least 8 different ways. Here’s a quick overview of how it helps, then your free printables!

1. Spatial Awareness

Puzzles help children understand where things go in relation to one other. A key portion of this is how things relate to one another when one of them is moved. The pieces of a puzzle are highly effective in showing your child how pieces can relate to one another as they move each piece.

2. Shape Recognition

As your child works on a puzzles, they examine each puzzle piece and try to fit it into a space. This lion puzzle has matching areas for the shapes of the puzzle. This is designed specifically to help your child determine which shapes are which and be able to match them.

 3. Size Recognition

Not only do children need to be able to recognize different shapes, but different sizes as well. As they grow an important portion of their understanding of the world is how sizes relate to one another. This puzzle has large circles and small circles to help your child begin to recognize sizes of similar shapes.

4. Concentration

If a child is presented with a task that is at their level, they can become engrossed with completing this task. Developing concentration will be a lifelong skill essential for your child as they go through school, jobs, and hobbies.

This puzzle was designed to be at the correct level for a toddler, so that it can hold their interest enough for them to concentrate but not get frustrated enough to quit.

5. Fine-Motor Skills

Small pieces are a great way to develop fine motor skills. Your child develops critical movement skills as they practice the precise movements necessary to place puzzle pieces in their correct spot.

6. Hand-Eye Coordination

As your child works through puzzles, they are practicing controlling their movements. They are able to see what they would like to accomplish and practice the bodily movements required to reach that goal. 

7. Problem Solving

Puzzles help your child develop problem solving skills as they explore each piece and how it fits with the other pieces.


I personally never knew how much benefit there was for puzzles! Alright, let’s get to the free printables!

free lion printable toddler puzzle

Supplies for The Lion Puzzle

  • Free printables at the bottom of the page 
  • Scissors
  • Glue (optional) 
  • Self-laminating Sheets (optional) 

This puzzle was meant to be simple. Easy for your to access, print, and create! Low-stress entertainment!

Thanks for reading! Hope your toddlers enjoy the puzzles! Please let me know how it goes in the comments below. 



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