Hi, I’m Katie.

I’m a dedicated mother, a frugal health nut, a lazy cook,  and a fitness buff.  I have found it maddening to not be able to get out and enjoy the free entertainment of the park and playdates or hand-pick my on-sale produce for fear of my children licking the shopping cart. Among other things.

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We live on my husband’s salary alone. This makes cheap entertainment for two toddlers a must! I want to make sure my children are learning, exercising, eating right, and generally happy. I want to make sure my husband and I are sleeping, eating, and getting those precious few quiet moments together.  Maybe get a little work done once in a while. That’s a tall order!

Are you looking for these solutions too? 

I started Growing Up Goddesses to share solutions for this new and strange world. Where screen time is becoming the norm and socialization is hard. I’ve developed printables, costumes to go over face shields, and articles about staying sane and healthy with small children and limited money. 

Stick around and see if any of the content on this website helps keep you sane. 

Want more, subscribe and I’ll let you know whenever a new post or product comes out! Need human connection? Feel free to comment or email the mailing list. 

Why is the site named Growing Up Goddesses?

I promise I’m not super snobby and believe my children and I are above other mortals.  My husband is an amazingly resilient guy who came from a background of homelessness and neglect. I’ve had my own struggles. When we realized we were bringing two little girls into the cruel world we wanted them to know how strong they were and so we chose the names Athena and Artemis. Two bad-a** goddesses who can smite all who cross them and take on the world.

My two little warrior babies have definitely lived up to their names and taught me to rise to the challenge of being their mom. I have had to grow with them in order to survive being a mother of two little girls born a little over a year apart. 

My goal for this  blog is to empower children to grow with rich experiences, help my husband with a few bills, share my experiences, and connect with others going through the challenges of parenthood!

My Experience


Before I became a Stay-At-Home- and-Work-My-Butt-Off-Mom, I earned a  bachelor’s degree in writing, half a master’s in professional communication, and another bachelor’s degree in dietetics and human nutrition. I worked in dietetics for a while, was a professional assistant, a grant writer, and other things– just trying to figure out what I was passionate about.

But in the last few years I have found my true passions: marriage and motherhood.  This blog is the perfect place for me to combine my background in writing and health with my love for my family.  

My children and husband have taught me that  health is WAY more than just eating right and exercising. It’s also about being challenged mentally and being able to slow down and absorb the good things in life. 



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